Monday, August 8, 2011

Embrace Books closes

I resigned from my position as Executive Editor at Embrace Books in July 2011, in order to fulfil my own writing commitments elsewhere. To the best of my knowledge, Embrace Books has now closed.

Please contact the Directors at Salt Publishing for further details.

I'd like to thank all the writers with whom I have worked so closely over the past year, both for your professionalism and for the warmth of your friendship. It's been a privilege and an honour to edit so many exciting and well-written novels, and I know you will all continue your fabulous careers with other publishers, who will be lucky to have you aboard.

Jane Holland
Former Executive Editor: Embrace Books

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rachel Lyndhurst on being a virgin again:The RNA Conference 2011

Being published as a launch author for Embrace Books in February this year enabled me to join the Romantic Novelists' Association as a  full member and attend my very first conference in Caerleon, Wales this weekend. Newbies like me are affectionately known as conference 'virgins' (no sniggering!), and are taken special care of. This year it was  Anna Louise Lucia's turn to keep an eye on us and she was wonderful, so many thanks to her.

I was only able to stay for part of the conference, but the experience has me wanting to sign up for the next one immediately. It would be impossible to condense everything I learned into one blog post, so I'm going to focus on the impact of the digital age on my own experience and pass on some juicy tips.

Firstly I had to get there, and not being one for motorways and toll bridges, the train was the way to go, so I did it all online. I planned the journey, got the timetable and ordered my cheap advance tickets from the comfort of my own home. Easy!

On the way to Newport the Twitter hashtag #RNAConf11 kept me amused. I could visualise  the delegates streaming into Wales from all over the world just by the messages going backwards and forwards. I also used it for the live tweeting on my journey home and soaked up the information as it came in. On arrival, we were informed at registration about Wifi access codes and cables for our rooms, which was just as well, there were netbooks, tablets and smartphones everywhere!

The first session was held by Lizzy Kremer of David Higham Associates who gave a very informative talk on contracts. There's one thing she said that really struck a chord will me: 'eBooks are not going to go away.' I think we're already seeing changes in traditional publishing that reflect the rising popularity of digital media. Readers are quickly realising they can get instant gratification. They want a certain book and they want it now - they don't want to wait or pay postage. They want cheaper books too. Authors and publishers can't afford to ignore this. I was interested to see that my novel Storm's Heart had a rise in sales over the conference weekend - predominantly the eBook version. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Following Anne Ashurst's welcome to the conference Jan Jones read out a list of 'celebrations'. It was a thrill for me to be sat between two RNA award winning authors during this. We'd met before, but it went to show just how much sparkling talent there was in that conference room. Here's me and Charlotte Betts with my dear friend, India Grey on the other side of me and Liz Fielding's hand! (photo courtesy of Lizzie Lamb).

And guess what? The market isn't as dire as some would have you believe. Judging by the amount of people standing up and telling their good news, RNA members are selling big time. With hard work and dedication your future as an author can be as bright as you want it to be. Just don't give up! Bestselling author Jill Mansell winner of Romantic Comedy of the Year told us how she would have stopped submitting if the third agent she approached had rejected her. Fortunately they didn't, but there's a lesson there!

And then, of course, came the important bit, the bar! I got to talk and hug lots of gorgeous people I've met through blogging, Facebook and Twitter over the last year, including a squirrel! It's because of these connections that I wasn't in the least bit nervous about attending this conference on my own - I knew I'd be surrounded by friends. This couldn't have happened without the Internet and I'm wondering how  different it would have been for me five years ago when we didn't have a computer at home.

Here's me with the lovely Rachel Brimble (who was asked for a 'full' by Mira a few hours earlier!) and Alison Knight (courtesy of Lizzie Lamb again):
We only had a couple of units of wine ...

There were ten minute editorial pitches with some big names in publishing too. There's something you should know if you don't already: if you submit, you will be Googled. An active online presence is vital, so get yourself out there and make yourself visible. It's a fact. No shrinking violets!

I've only scratched the surface of all the things I learned at the conference, but the highlight for me was when Wild Rose Press author Stephanie Cage tracked me down to say how much she loved reading Storm's Heart. And then she asked for my signature! It really was a very special moment indeed, the highlight of my writing career so far. We authors are nothing without our readers after all.

As a special conference treat, I'll leave you with an iconic and very exclusive photograph of the Executive Editor of Embrace Books in the bar. What a woman!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Embrace announces the launch of THE DREAMERS: a beautiful romance from Tanwen Coyne

Tanwen Coyne is a vibrant new young writer from Wales, and this is her first publication. A ghostly romance set in a remote Welsh cottage brings two young women together from different times and different walks of life. A strikingly unusual story, beautifully written.

Buy it today at Kindle Amazon UK. 

Buy it today at Kindle Amazon US

Congratulations to Tanwen Coyne on her first publication!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Published - Embrace Author Cody Young Tells Her Story

Hi everyone. Getting published wasn't easy. Here's what worked for me:

Wanted to write a book.
Wrote a non-fiction book.
On the third submission, I got picked up by a university press – hurray!
The university press got ‘restructured’ - didn’t want my book anymore.
Wrote a novel for a competition.
Got bad scores.
Wrote another novel.
Self-published it, against all the advice. Was told I might as well have flushed it down the toilet. (The person who said that has since seen the chain of bookstores he worked for go into receivership).
Started another novel.
Pitched it to an agent, and she liked it – hurray!
A year later. The agent is still thinking about it.
Decided there had to be a better way to use my talent.
(Yes, I still believed I had some).
Started submitting to slush piles.
Started to get some ‘encouraging’ rejections. Who want's one of those?
Felt increasingly impatient about the long wait times with big publishing houses.
House burnt down (mine, not the publishing house – though I was tempted).
Moved to a rental property while house was being rebuilt.
Wrote a lot, to take my mind off it.
Submitted a novella to Embrace Books, UK.
Got a letter saying it was probably too short.
Submitted a story to ‘So You Think You Can Write’ at Harlequin.
They liked it and asked for more. 
Wrote like the wind for six weeks.
Many months later, they are still thinking about it.
Meanwhile ...
Was accepted by Embrace Books and signed a contract – hurray!
Jane Holland at Embrace Books became ‘my editor’. I love that phrase.
Did revisions on the novella to make it longer (and better).
‘Scandal at the Farmhouse’ became one of the launch titles for Embrace Books! Success!
Started writing another book …

For more true confessions about becoming an author, come visit me at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Savage Sun gets a Reviewer's Top Pick!

Hello, Embrace lovelies! I'm very excited to announce, my western romance, Savage Sun, received a Top Pick at Miz Love Loves Books! The reviewer felt every emotion I intended in this controversial western of interracial love in the old west, and I can't be any more thrilled about it. :-)

Here is a little snippet of her review:

"Oh wow, what a beautifully written book. Savage Sun highlights the atrocities of times gone by when slavery was a memory still too close."

For Miz Vamp's full review, and some juicy details, please visit here:

Purchase Savage Sun from Embrace Books:

Purchase from Amazon:

Thanks! And have a fabulous week. :-)

"Romantic fiction with Erotic flavor"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Not Long To Go!

Kate and Wills will tie the knot on Friday, witnessed by two billion of their closest friends. Westminster Abbey is ready. The Archbishop is standing by. The trumpets have been polished for the fanfare, and the guests have bought their outfits. The cake (only slightly smaller than Buckingham Palace) has been made, and the dress – oh, the dress! – is under armed guard. 
     I hope she didn’t want a quiet wedding. Wouldn’t it be awful if Kate decided that all the fuss is not for her? What if she turned to Wills and said ‘I’ve changed my mind. I want to get married on a beach - barefoot and wearing a white bikini - with just a couple of witnesses and a plastic ring out of a Christmas cracker.’
     It’s not as crazy it sounds - such a wedding could be profoundly romantic. If, for the sake of argument, the happy couple had found the ring in a cracker on the night they fell in love - it could be a moment full of significance and romance.
     Don’t worry, she won’t cancel on us – we’ll get our Royal Wedding, fingers crossed. When the engagement was announced, Kate assured us that her hubby-to-be is ‘a true romantic’. But is he, really and truly? Well, avid romance readers, let’s take a long hard look at Prince William, and see how he measures up!
     The story of the courtship is certainly the stuff that fairytales are made of. Our hero had the pick of any number of princesses and heiresses and yet, he didn’t. Instead, he saw the extraordinary beauty in an ‘ordinary’ girl – his college sweetheart, Kate. So far so good.  The prince has wealth and pedigree that puts Mr Darcy in the shade. And like the much-loved hero of every romance novel he has more than a little twinkle in his eyes and a slightly rakish air. But the archetypal hero – is tall, DARK, and handsome, and our hero, Wills, is fair? Did you know that the vast majority of the men on the covers of romance novels have dark hair? It’s a miracle Kate gave him a second glance!
     However, she looked and she loved, and pretty soon we got used to seeing images of the young couple here, there and everywhere. So much so that many of us were stunned when they had their ‘black moment’ and everything seemed to be lost. Pictures of Kate, looking wan and bereft, appeared in all the glossies and the tabloids, and the tight-lipped prince refused to comment on the split. The nation held its breath. The fairytale looked grim. No wonder there was much rejoicing when love conquered all. 
     So now we wait, impatiently, for the spectacle to begin. Waiting to see the prince to pledge himself to his lovely bride. Hoping for a wedding full of beauty and romance. Is the prince a ‘true romantic’? I think so, and here’s why: in a world where love is fragile and often doesn’t last, where relationships often end in heartbreak and anguish, and even William's parents split up – he is still saying he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. There’s the romance. A man who hopes that love will last. A radiant couple vowing that their happy day will usher in their happy ever after. I for one will be watching the wedding, tissue box at hand, wishing them the best. Lucky things!

Monday, April 25, 2011

What's Your Hero Type?

  If you're like me (and if you're reading this blog you probably are), you've read a lot of books, especially romances. One of the hallmarks of a good romance is how much you feel for the characters. In my very favorite books, the hero and heroine are absolutely unforgettable. I've noticed that the characters that stick with me are usually of a certain type, and I've come to realize that I prefer a certain kind of hero.

  Romance has become a very diverse genre, and you can find all sorts of heroes out there. What I'm specifically referring to here is the difference between polished, wealthy heroes (think CEOs and lawyers) and everyday men with more typical jobs, who usually work with their hands (think construction workers and cops). Both types are popular, and either either can make a sexy alpha male (or if you prefer, a beta). And there is good reason to love both types. Many readers enjoy the fantasy-escape aspect of a heroine who falls in love with a suave, classy man (and the millions don't hurt either!). And many readers also love to get caught up in a romance that seems especially realistic to them because involves the sort of everyday man that may remind them of men they've known themselves (or maybe hope to meet).

  Personally, I've always enjoyed reading stories with everyday, hard-working heroes. Not surprisingly, those are the sort of heroes I tend to write, too. Heroes I've written have included construction workers, cowboys and even bank-robbers, to name a few. No millions required! I'll take a hero with a typical career and an extraordinary personality and looks any day. ; )

  What about you? What's your hero type? Do you prefer a classy man with the world at his fingertips or an everyday sort of hero?


Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to make a book trailer ... for free

Getting your book published is the best feeling ever, it's what you've been aiming for as a writer for so long, but the hard work isn't over yet. Now you have to sell it, as promotion is most likely going to be down to you as a new author. Prepare to be busy!

You have your blog, your Facebook page and your Twitter account and it hasn't cost you a penny - excellent! This is just as well since you may have spent all the housekeeping money on your launch party and your royalty cheque is months away. It's time to get creative.

I discovered I had Windows Movie Maker already installed as part of my standard software package, so I used this program to create my book trailer. All you need to do is open it up, import pictures in from your hard drive and create a 'storyboard'. Then you need some music to layer over it. I downloaded from a royalty-free website . You add in your own titles and narrative, tweak about with the pictures to fit the length of the music and that's it!

It really was easy, it took me a few hours to learn and produce my first ever book trailer. Next time I might get really flash and add video content or do a voice over. Such fun! So here it is: Storm's Heart the movie:

What do you think? Are you going to have a go yourself?

And if you now feel inspired enough to buy a copy of Storm's Heart in paperback or digital format you can do so from, , Salt Publishing and all good online book stores.

I'd love you for it!

(And many thanks to Kathryn Brown who was generous enough to tell me how to do all this in the first place! You can never have too many friends.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sally Clements visits "Catherine, Caffeinated"

One of our marvellous Embrace authors, Sally Clements, whose suspense romance "Bound To Love" is available in both print book and ebook, has been talking to Catherine Ryan Howard today over on "Catherine, Caffeinated".

You can grab a Kindle copy of "Bound To Love" on the US Amazon site here, or on the UK Amazon site here.  The paperback is also available via Amazon UK.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kindle Candy: Have you grabbed yours yet?

Just a reminder that our seven fantastic and delicious launch titles for Embrace are available to buy very cheaply on Kindle, for those with either the reader itself or a Kindle programme for reading on your computer (such as Kindle for Mac, where you can download titles straight onto your laptop).

These include 'The Lady Soldier' - reissued in digital form with previously deleted sensual scenes! - from the experienced writing team of Kate Allan and Michelle Styles


the hot 'n' quirky 'Nanny Behaving Badly' with plenty of sass from Scottish romance writer Judy Jarvie.

Right now though, one of our top-selling titles is the stunning and sensual Regency romance 'The Reluctant Marquess' from multi-published author Maggi Andersen.

Grab your copy of 'The Reluctant Marquess' on Kindle today - and see what all the fuss is about!

Back soon with news of our forthcoming Spring Releases!

Jane x

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Embrace talks about romance, sexuality and rejection

This week, Embrace Books gave an interview to the popular website for books by and for independent women, For Books' Sake.

When you've done reading what we had to say about sexuality, romance, and how to deal with rejection, check out the rest of their site, for more writing features, events, book of the week, and a shop that sells For Books' Sake T-shirts and tote bags, no less.

Some of which caught my own eye, I must confess ... !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What would you do if you were Taken Hostage?

Embrace Books announce the acquisition of a super-hot new title for their steamy After Dark series.

“Taken Hostage” by US writer Ranae Rose will be published in summer 2011.
Tiffany is taken on the run as a hostage after the bank she works at is robbed. 
When the gorgeous gunman offers to let her return to safety, Tiffany realizes there are many things she wants to do to him, but walking away isn’t one of them.
Ranae Rose has been an avid reader and writer all of her life. Romance is her genre of choice, and she strives to write gripping, passionate stories. She lives in the US with her husband, child, dog and horses.

“Taken Hostage” will be published by Embrace as part of our After Dark series in Summer 2011.

For currently available After Dark titles, click here.

Connect with Ranae Rose on Facebook.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Maggi Andersen answers "5 Little Questions"

Maggi Andersen, author of the Regency romance, The Reluctant Marquess, answers "5 Little Questions" for the Embrace blog.

 1. How did you come up with the title, 'The Reluctant Marquess'? I have to thank Jane for coming up with my Title. I had chosen one neither of us was mad about. I wanted Marquess in the title and Jane thought of The Reluctant Marquess, which perfectly describes Lord Robert!
2. What do you think will happen to romance in the future? It will get the respect it deserves. There's some great romance writers  who should get equal billing with crime and other genres. Romance is getting hotter and I don't see that changing. Interesting sub genres like steampunk are popping up. Books will probably be shorter in length too, to suit e-books, with editors cutting words to make the pace faster. Which is fine as long as it doesn't obliterate the writer's voice and make us all sound the same. 
3. So what's next after 'The Reluctant Marquess'? I love writing Regencies, and plan to write some darker in tone, and more Victorian mysteries.
4. Any tips for newbie authors out there? Read widely and particularly in the genre in which you plan to write. And don't give up. I believe perseverance is the key to being published. It has been said it takes ten years to make a writer. It took years of hard work, submitting and getting rejections before I was offered a contract, but I don't regret those years. I learned a lot along the way.
5. Could I be a plotter rather than a panster? The answer to this is clearly no. If I try to plot in advance, my throat dries up and my creativity flies out the window. I have purchased expensive software which sits there making me feel guilty every time I look at it. Writing to me is like reading a book, I'm not sure where the story will take me and that's the pleasure of it. But with romance I always have a pretty fair idea of how it will end.
You can buy a copy of Maggi's delectable romance, 'The Reluctant Marquess', on Amazon Kindle here in the UK and here on the US site, where it is currently No. 58 in the Top 100 Kindle Regencies!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Do You Dig Digital?

No I’m not talking television – I know why I love my ereader. And it’s not just because it’s pink ... boy do I love it! It’s my own little special friend. I love having it tucked inside my handbag (great for waiting around at school run!)

I love the instant access of downloading. That I have a bevy of books to choose from. I’m chuffed by the increasingly great selection of ebooks now available too.

It also gives me great joy to tidy up my cyber book shelves – yes I am a collection-a-holic! I like having my cyber files in good order (OCD – maybe?)

So I just wondered what others think? Does the ereader or kindle get a special place in your heart and why? Are you newly addicted or hesitant to try? Keen for colour or happy with grayscale E-ink? Personally I'm happy with the length of battery time E-ink gives me - though gorgeous colour covers could tempt me to upgrade ...

So how does downloading grab you – better that trudging out in the rain to get that book you’re itching for?

I'm all ears. And incase your need some new e-reading - plug time - read more about Nanny Behaving Badly here!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday dreaming

It's still a little chilly here in the UK and most of us won't have been brave enough to take off our woolly socks and jumpers yet. So here's a scene from sunny Lindos, on the Greek island of Rhodes, the setting of Embrace launch title Storm's Heart by Rachel Lyndhurst.

Not bad, eh?
Writers are always looking for inspiration and love to hear what their readers are looking for, so where would your dream romantic destination be? Tell us where you'd like see some passion explode!

Don't forget, there's still time to win a signed paperback copy of Storm's Heart over at Rachel Lyndhurst's blog

Storm's Heart is also available to purchase as eBook or paperback here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kate Allan answers "5 Little Questions"

Kate Allan is joint author of "The Lady Soldier" with Michelle Styles. Here she answers our "5 Little Questions".

Kate, how did you choose that title?

Michelle and I wanted something dramatic that really said what the
book was about and kicked about all sorts of ideas but the one that
seemed to grab the most attention was
The Lady Soldier. People don't
expect ladies to be soldiers so they're immediately intrigued.

What changes - if any - do you think will happen to romance writing
in the 21st century?

I'm hoping with the ebook revolution more romance will be available
wherever you are in the world. UK readers have ended up having to
import US paperbacks in genres they want to read because UK publishers
just don't publish enough romance.

So you've got a launch title out with Embrace. What's next on your agenda?

I've nearly finished my current work-in-progress which is a short
novel and then I plan to go back to a longer novel I have been working
on for a while.

Any tips for newbie writers?

Don't be afraid to write the book you want to read. That's all I do
and then it's fingers crossed other people might like it too.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From books mostly, and real life. However, there's one scene in The
Lady Soldier
involving dramatic use of gunpowder for which my
inspiration came primarily from an episode of Hornblower. Seeing how
drama and suspense works in film or television and trying to apply it
to your novel can be a great tool.

Rachel Lyndhurst goes Greek with "5 Little Questions"

Rachel Lyndhurst, author of "Storm's Heart", gives us the lowdown on writing for Embrace with her "5 Little Questions".

How did you come up with 'Storm's Heart'?                                      
Some inspiration from a Tad Williams chapter heading and a bit of a pick ’n’ mix brainstorm with my editor, Jane Holland. You really don’t want to know its working title … *cringe*

          What do you think may happen to romance in the future?      
Romance writing isn’t going to disappear. Trends will shift and storylines will need to adapt to changes in society as they do now, but I think the biggest changes will come with new technology. Kindle sales are already exceeding paperbacks on Amazon, I believe, and it looks as if digital publishing is the future. As a result of this we can expect to see prices dropping and more books being sold as a consequence. So, watch out authors, you’re going to need to write faster!

So what's next?                                                             
I’m furiously bashing away at another contemporary romance, which I hope will be ready to submit soon, and there’s another one on the back-burner that I’ve started and am finding hard to leave alone. I’m also trying to stay focussed; there are so many projects I want to get stuck into, but not enough hours in the day!
Tips for newbies?  
Take constructive criticism gracefully, learn from it, apply what you’ve learned and never give up. Also remember that every writer feels scared and doubts themselves sometimes.

         Who is your dream hero?

         Well, apart from Him Indoors, obviously, it would have to be David Gandy. Always!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Judy Jarvie answers "5 Little Questions"

Judy Jarvie, author of "Nanny Behaving Badly" answers our "5 Little Questions":

1. "Nanny Behaving Badly" - great title! How did you choose it?
    Originally I'd called the book something much less catchy. It went through several rewrites and then - ping. Nanny Behaving Badly struck and stuck. I love the title and I think it really sums it up!

2. What changes - if any - do you think will happen to romance writing in the 21st century?
Tricky question - I'm loving the kindle and ipad revolution. I once said I wasn't that struck on ereaders - until I got one over a year ago. Instantly hooked and absolutely loving it. All my friends have them now - it's catching on. It can only get bigger and bigger! Here's hoping romance reading will grow and grow!

3.  So you've got a launch title out with Embrace. What's next on your agenda?
I'm busy writing away! I'm so so happy with Nanny Behaving Badly. Now I want to improve and up my game ... watch this space!

4. Any tips for newbie writers?
Keep at it - set backs happen and just push through (I was published by a small indie US publisher and then everything fell away). Happily I didn't stop the writing. It was tough at the time but I've never lost the passion. Keep writing and growing! Opportunities pop up - so keep upping your game so you're ready for them!

5. Who is your ideal hero?
I won't name names (though everyone knows I'm fixated with a few stars, Gerard Butler to name only one). I guess I like the whole alpha exterior, gruff and rough. But I'm a sucker for a beta guy at heart. I like a guy who can laugh, banter and seduce with his whispered words. I think alpha and beta traits can combine for a killer package - I guess I like my heroes grounded and realistic! They're tough, they take no nonsense - but get deeper and the soft centre makes me melt!

You can buy "Nanny Behaving Badly" on Amazon Kindle. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sally Clements answers "5 Little Questions"

Sally Clements is the author of the stunning 'Bound To Love' which is available for download as a Kindle, an epub ebook, and also in paperback.

We asked Sally "5 Little Questions" and here are her replies:

So Sally, "Bound to Love." How did you choose that title?
My hero Jake, and heroine Tempest are tied up fairly early on in Bound to Love, and even though they aren't an obvious match, they are bound to love each other, so that's where my title came from!
What changes - if any - do you think will happen to romance writing in the 21st century? 
I think the method of delivery is shifting, because e-books make reading romance so convenient, but I believe that the challenges that face couples in finding their happy ever after are eternal. I'm looking forward to reading a lot of new, exciting writers!
Now you've got a launch title out with Embrace, what's next on your agenda? 
I'm expecting news in the next week or two on another new release (fingers crossed!), plus I'm waiting to hear how I did in the Romance Studio's Capa's awards. I'm a contender in the category 'favourite author'. And in May I'm waiting to hear how my first novel, Catch Me A Catch, does in the Joan Hessayon Award from the RNA. It's a very exciting time!
Any tips for newbie writers?
Keep writing. Take all advice and criticism from people you respect and really consider it carefully. Remember, if someone takes the time to advise, then something in your writing prompted it, and don't take it personally. Have belief in your writing!
What do you think of your cover?
I absolutely love it, the cover factory are fab!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secrets revealed!

Rachel Lyndhurst is being hosted by the Minxes of Romance blog today. Check out their questions and some revealing answers!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Secret to Ebook Sales - and a Giveaway!

That's a tantalising blog post title, isn't it?

I've just been over on KarenG's blog, Coming Down The Mountain: From Reclusive Writer to Published Author, which also promised to pass on the secret of selling ebooks. And for a moment, on landing there and eagerly beginning to read, I thought she had the secret, that she knew how to sell ebooks and could tell us all ...

Only she didn't. Well, KarenG gave us the rather useful formula 'cover and price' and asked everyone else what they thought.

Fair enough. It's a hard nut to crack.

Here are some initial thoughts: personal recommendations, blog interviews and tours, twitter campaigns, facebook status updates and author pages, readings and other public appearances, reviews on romance sites, promos on the same, giveaways like this, mentions on Goodreads and other reading sites.

But there must be more.

So how about we have a fantabulous brainstorming session this very day on behalf of our lovely new Embrace authors - Sally Clements, Rachel Lyndhurst, Judy Jarvie, Maggi Andersen, Cody Young, Michelle Styles, Kate Allan and BL Bonita - and see if between us we can't discover THE SECRET TO EBOOK SALES!

Any ideas and suggestions accepted, however bizarre or difficult to swallow.

And best of all, there's a free copy of one of our Embrace launch titles on offer to one of our idea-spinners, to be randomly allocated by my random selecting machine on Wednesday noon GMT!!

So let's have your ideas ...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Embrace Books Has Launched!!!

It's just after midnight here in the UK and is now February 14th 2011, which means it's Embrace Books launch day!

Now all those pre-purchased Amazon Kindle titles will be whizzing through cyberspace on their way to - hopefully! - hundreds of eagerly waiting Kindles and ereaders around the world.

So please come in, we've been waiting for you to drop by. Take a drink, whatever you feel like, and start chatting. Tell us what you're drinking, what you're wearing, which Embrace titles you're after or have already bought.

I'm on the champagne cocktails, and can hardly walk in these incredibly high heels. Mind the balloons and streamers ... !!

It's the first few moments of Valentine's Day. And Embrace Books is live!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Embrace Books launches tomorrow, Monday 14th February, which - appropriately enough - is Valentine's Day in some parts of the world.

To celebrate our launch, the Embrace blog will be hosting a week-long cyber romance party, with Embrace authors weaving in and out, talking about their books.

So you're all invited to grab a drink on your way in, join one of the authors' groups for a chat, then join in with the fun by leaving a comment.

Tell us about your fabulous party outfits, the cocktails you're drinking, the delicious hors d'oeuvres, canapes and petits fours, and any famous writers you jostled in the queue for the restroom!!

And please do tell us if you've bought one of our superb, ground-breaking launch titles. They're all up for grabs on Kindle, e-Pub and in some instances as paperbacks!

Red Velvet: sexy, sophisticated romance

After Dark: intense, page-scorching romance and erotica

Embrace Regency: daring, unconventional Regency and Georgian romance

Embrace Historicals: bringing the past vividly to life

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Find our new Red Velvet page at Salt

The fabulous Red Velvet line of sensuous, contemporary romance at Embrace now has a browsing page at Salt.

Find our Red Velvet launch titles HERE!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Frenzy Begins

Hi. I'm Judy Jarvie and along with all the other Embrace launch authors I'm completely besides myself with excitement about the forthcoming launch of Embrace Books.  To be honest I'm counting down the days like a kid with an advent calendar.
To this end I'll be out and about touring the blogs of some lovely writer chums (starting from today) and talking about my new releases - in particular Nanny Behaving Badly from Embrace.
Please pop by on the blog tour or visit my blog - and find out reasons why I'm so intrigued by sassy firemen and nannies who sometimes like to err on the naughty side. Are you and your Kindle counting down the days too?
Blogging With A Hot Fireman and A Feisty Nanny

Rachel Lyndhurst - Tuesday 1 February

Sarah Grimm - Thursday 3 February

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy - Monday 7 February

Suzanne Jones - Thursday 10 February

Amber Leigh Williams, The Cozy Page - Monday 13 February

Sarah Grimm – Tuesday 14 February

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy – Friday 18 February

The Minxes of Romance – Wednesday 23 February

Suzanne Jones – Thursday 29 February

Rachel Brimble - Thursday 3 March

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stunning new covers for Michelle Styles, Kate Allan and Cody Young

Been drooling today over our two latest covers from The Cover Factory for our February launch line-up at Embrace. I think you'll agree that they're just fabulous and to-die-for.

Cody Young's Victorian tale of passion and secrets: SCANDAL AT THE FARMHOUSE

And THE LADY SOLDIER, a stunning and highly unusual Regency romance from the writing team of Michelle Styles and Kate Allan.

Both these scrumptious books - and a host of others - will be available for sale on Amazon Kindle and other e-platforms from February 14th.

Embrace Books is about to happen!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Newsletter - OUT NOW!

I know it's a few weeks late - mea culpa, all you lovely romancers - but the Winter Newsletter for Embrace Books is out and winging its way to subscribers. It's also available via Facebook and Twitter, for those who befriend us there.

If you're not on the subscribers' list, you can sign up here

We have news on Michelle Styles and Kate Allan's jointly written and highly unusual Regency romance, The Lady Soldier, complete with 'deleted scenes' reinstated.

There's also a Love Letter written specially for us by romance writer Phillipa Ashley, from the point of view of a yearning Anne to her distant Captain Frederick Wentworth (a 'what happened afterwards' look at Jane Austen's Persuasion).

Not to mention some detailed How To tips for new writers on 'Writing the Opening to Your Novel' and more news on the impending launch itself.

In fact, the next newsletter will be our Launch Issue!

I shall pass swiftly over how terribly exciting that prospect is, and merely say that the elves have been very busy at Embrace this past week, with e-proofs winging their way to and from authors. This kind of activity will continue over the weekend and into early February, and then .... drumroll! ... we intend to launch Embrace Books officially on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2011.

So watch this blog space in the next two or three weeks, for some tremendous things are starting to happen here at Embrace HQ!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Erotica For All

Marvellous to see our latest Call for Submissions up at Erotica for All.

We're looking for Trios of hot romance for single volume digital publication - 3 stories by the same author, that is, with a common theme or link of some kind.

The whole package, i.e. all three stories combined, should not exceed 15,000 words.

Interested in submitting three stories?

Send all three as separate Word attachments - preferably not Vista, i.e. docx - to
jane @

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing "Trios" - triple-decker hot romance

In general, we only publish novels and novellas at Embrace Books.

However, knowing how much we love short stories ourselves - especially, ahem, the hot, romantic variety! - it occurred to us that a "trio" of stories, a generous triple-decker portion of romance, would be the same length as a novella.

So why not put out a few mini-collections of short fiction by the same author?

Which is why I'm here today, putting out a general call for submission from authors who may already have some short romance stories on the back burner, or have been inspired by this to write some sexy stories for us. Send them to us at Embrace. We'd especially love it if they are linked by a common theme, though this can be any kind - including genre.

Three paranormals, for instance, or three Regency stories. Or three contemporaries revolving around a family or a group of close-knit friends. Three stories about long-lost loves returning would also work perfectly. Or a theme of enemies becoming more-than-friends.

Feeling inspired to write yet?

Here are the general guidelines for submission, and as soon as our first TRIO is available for digital sale, don't worry - we'll let you know where and how to buy it!

Embrace is currently seeking TRIOS of short stories all by the same author to be published in one mini-volume, preferably hot romance (straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual) with a common or linked theme.

We accept contemporary, historical and paranormal stories. But they MUST be romance and deliciously hot.

Please state TRIO theme in your submission and submit all three stories at the same time as three separate Word attachments: total word count of the whole collection should not be less than 10,000 nor exceed 15,000.

And don't forget to tell us something about yourself in the accompanying email:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Category Romance

This is just a friendly shout-out to all those writers who follow this blog.

We're currently keen to see short category romance submissions at Embrace Books.

I'll be taking pitches for these and other books at four UK writing and literary festivals this year, but am also open to new email submissions from overseas.

For those interested, here's a quick guide to category romance submissions:

Red Velvet – 50-60K in length
Sexy, sophisticated romance with feisty heroines and believable Alpha males. Contemporary and paranormal categories. Millionaires acceptable but not necessary. Sexual content required in all books, and can be a key element, but should not be overly explicit.
After Dark – 55-65K words
Passionate, scorching romance and erotic romance. Open to unusual and daring storylines. Contemporary and paranormal settings. Must include explicit sex, which in some cases may be central to the plot.

We also take historical romance and historical women's fiction within our Embrace Regency and Embrace Historicals series.

To submit your work, please follow our simple guidelines at Embrace Books.