Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sally Clements answers "5 Little Questions"

Sally Clements is the author of the stunning 'Bound To Love' which is available for download as a Kindle, an epub ebook, and also in paperback.

We asked Sally "5 Little Questions" and here are her replies:

So Sally, "Bound to Love." How did you choose that title?
My hero Jake, and heroine Tempest are tied up fairly early on in Bound to Love, and even though they aren't an obvious match, they are bound to love each other, so that's where my title came from!
What changes - if any - do you think will happen to romance writing in the 21st century? 
I think the method of delivery is shifting, because e-books make reading romance so convenient, but I believe that the challenges that face couples in finding their happy ever after are eternal. I'm looking forward to reading a lot of new, exciting writers!
Now you've got a launch title out with Embrace, what's next on your agenda? 
I'm expecting news in the next week or two on another new release (fingers crossed!), plus I'm waiting to hear how I did in the Romance Studio's Capa's awards. I'm a contender in the category 'favourite author'. And in May I'm waiting to hear how my first novel, Catch Me A Catch, does in the Joan Hessayon Award from the RNA. It's a very exciting time!
Any tips for newbie writers?
Keep writing. Take all advice and criticism from people you respect and really consider it carefully. Remember, if someone takes the time to advise, then something in your writing prompted it, and don't take it personally. Have belief in your writing!
What do you think of your cover?
I absolutely love it, the cover factory are fab!


  1. Great answers, Sally. Looking forward to more great news from you soon! Judy

  2. Wonderful interview, Sally! And I agree, this is a very exciting time for romance writers and readers with a shift in how romance is being read.

    And I totally agree on the cover love--it's gorgeous.

  3. Great interview, Sally. I agree, the title fits perfect and the cover is fabulous. :-)

  4. I love the cover, too. A great cover for a great book.


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