Thursday, January 13, 2011

Category Romance

This is just a friendly shout-out to all those writers who follow this blog.

We're currently keen to see short category romance submissions at Embrace Books.

I'll be taking pitches for these and other books at four UK writing and literary festivals this year, but am also open to new email submissions from overseas.

For those interested, here's a quick guide to category romance submissions:

Red Velvet – 50-60K in length
Sexy, sophisticated romance with feisty heroines and believable Alpha males. Contemporary and paranormal categories. Millionaires acceptable but not necessary. Sexual content required in all books, and can be a key element, but should not be overly explicit.
After Dark – 55-65K words
Passionate, scorching romance and erotic romance. Open to unusual and daring storylines. Contemporary and paranormal settings. Must include explicit sex, which in some cases may be central to the plot.

We also take historical romance and historical women's fiction within our Embrace Regency and Embrace Historicals series.

To submit your work, please follow our simple guidelines at Embrace Books.

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  1. Hi Jane! I posted a brief shout out (regarding submissions to Embrace) to the romance writers of the Yahoo! group I'm a co-hostess at. If any of our Embrace Authors would like to join and promote themselves, here is the link to join:

    Thanks! Counting down the days to launch... *g*



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