Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Secret to Ebook Sales - and a Giveaway!

That's a tantalising blog post title, isn't it?

I've just been over on KarenG's blog, Coming Down The Mountain: From Reclusive Writer to Published Author, which also promised to pass on the secret of selling ebooks. And for a moment, on landing there and eagerly beginning to read, I thought she had the secret, that she knew how to sell ebooks and could tell us all ...

Only she didn't. Well, KarenG gave us the rather useful formula 'cover and price' and asked everyone else what they thought.

Fair enough. It's a hard nut to crack.

Here are some initial thoughts: personal recommendations, blog interviews and tours, twitter campaigns, facebook status updates and author pages, readings and other public appearances, reviews on romance sites, promos on the same, giveaways like this, mentions on Goodreads and other reading sites.

But there must be more.

So how about we have a fantabulous brainstorming session this very day on behalf of our lovely new Embrace authors - Sally Clements, Rachel Lyndhurst, Judy Jarvie, Maggi Andersen, Cody Young, Michelle Styles, Kate Allan and BL Bonita - and see if between us we can't discover THE SECRET TO EBOOK SALES!

Any ideas and suggestions accepted, however bizarre or difficult to swallow.

And best of all, there's a free copy of one of our Embrace launch titles on offer to one of our idea-spinners, to be randomly allocated by my random selecting machine on Wednesday noon GMT!!

So let's have your ideas ...


  1. Secret of ebook selling. Word of mouth, get some book clubs talking about the books. Send authors to libraries for free talks to get a buzz.

  2. Thanks, Angela! Your name goes into the draw for the giveaway book.

    No one else got any good or wacky selling ideas? Or Angela is destined to get it without any competition!!

  3. How about giving your hero (or heroine) a Facebook profile of their own? Mini biography, inspirational photos and a growing friends' list? If the character 'posts' and reveals little snippets about themselves, people will be intrigued and buy the book. I'm sure this has done before, mind you, but I've not seen it myself. Imagine if some of the great protagonists (and antagonists) had their own profile pages? I'd read their wall :)

  4. That's a FANTASTIC idea! I love it, the hero's page on Facebook.

    Embrace authors, are you listening?

  5. Get the ebook authors to read a section of their ebooks at open floor events and give out cards with a purchase link, a teaser and a pic of the cover. These can be done at low cost from vistaprint and other such websites.

  6. I think word of mouth is a key element in sales. Lot's of reviews, and a great story help also. :)

  7. Popping over to see if your commenters have the Big Secret. I'd say word of mouth is the winner on your blog post as well as mine. Now, how best to get that started? Hmmm.....

  8. Get out there with a blog for your characters or your own author pages. Twitter gets me but use a blog or facebook page so I can read what you want me to know. I hate the #address on Twitter which only puts me in your Twitter account page but tells me nothing more about your book. Goodreads or Shelfari pages get me interested in you.

  9. I'm listening ...

    Andreas Lazarides.

  10. I agree with JoannaCannon, using social media for the characters is a brilliant idea. I've seen it done v effectively with a YA fantasy hero (@sethmacgregor if anyone's interested) and my own regency heroine has a twitter profile too, which is quiet at the minute but will get busier as I get closer to the end of the book!

    On a more mundane level, giveaways, blog tours and special offers often get me looking at ebooks, and the authors connecting with people and getting excited about their books. Other people get excited too and it's a bit infectious!

    Great job, love the blog party, the activity, the imprint. :)

  11. Some truly awesome ideas here, and I am DEFINITELY going to have a Facebook page for my heroine when my own Tudor novel comes out next year. That's a smashing idea.

    So, word of mouth appears to win!

    Excellent work, everyone. Now to spin the Randomizer ...


    And the winner of our FREE Embrace launch title is: SUZANNE BRANDYN!!

    Well done, Suzanne, and do email me - jane @ embracebooks.co.uk - to claim your super prize!


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