Monday, April 25, 2011

What's Your Hero Type?

  If you're like me (and if you're reading this blog you probably are), you've read a lot of books, especially romances. One of the hallmarks of a good romance is how much you feel for the characters. In my very favorite books, the hero and heroine are absolutely unforgettable. I've noticed that the characters that stick with me are usually of a certain type, and I've come to realize that I prefer a certain kind of hero.

  Romance has become a very diverse genre, and you can find all sorts of heroes out there. What I'm specifically referring to here is the difference between polished, wealthy heroes (think CEOs and lawyers) and everyday men with more typical jobs, who usually work with their hands (think construction workers and cops). Both types are popular, and either either can make a sexy alpha male (or if you prefer, a beta). And there is good reason to love both types. Many readers enjoy the fantasy-escape aspect of a heroine who falls in love with a suave, classy man (and the millions don't hurt either!). And many readers also love to get caught up in a romance that seems especially realistic to them because involves the sort of everyday man that may remind them of men they've known themselves (or maybe hope to meet).

  Personally, I've always enjoyed reading stories with everyday, hard-working heroes. Not surprisingly, those are the sort of heroes I tend to write, too. Heroes I've written have included construction workers, cowboys and even bank-robbers, to name a few. No millions required! I'll take a hero with a typical career and an extraordinary personality and looks any day. ; )

  What about you? What's your hero type? Do you prefer a classy man with the world at his fingertips or an everyday sort of hero?



  1. I'm all for the beta-hero. I think it's because, in real life, I hate being dominated, I don't want another Daddy figure (I had a father who did a fine job, thank you very much, I don't need a partner to continue his work), and I've quite enough money of my own not to need financial rescue. So I like a man who can be the heroine's equal, to support and care, but one who can also need to be supported and cared for in turn. For me, those big, butch alpha-males are just a little bit too bossy!

  2. Great post, Ranae! I like a hero with a sense of humour, one who isnt so much a smart alec, as witty. As for his job - it doesn't matter so much to me, as long as he's interested and passionate about it - because passion tends to spill over into other areas of his life too...

  3. I love alpha males (in books) but he has to be intelligent and have a sense of humour. And he must be kind to animals.

  4. I'm with Maggi! Can I have an Alpha that cooks as well?!

  5. I fear Alphas may be good for fantasy, but not for everyday life. Not unless they're rich enough to pay for a cook and a housekeeper and a nanny ... because otherwise you'll end up in all those jobs, sitting home alone while he's stalking the executive offices of major cities looking brute and beautiful.

    Mine is Beta verging on Gamma. When we first married, he didn't even do toast without the threat of divorce, but I'm slowly training him up to cook pizza for the kids and make me cups of tea wheile I'm working. It's all a bit blood from a stone-ish right now, but maybe in another year or two he'll get up and spontaneously make tea without me throwing something at his head first.

  6. Ha ha, Jane! Tea making is a very important quality in a husband! Although mine doesn't cook (but to be fair, he made pancakes this morning!), he's a pretty good tea-maker, when he wants to be. :D


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