Friday, February 18, 2011

Judy Jarvie answers "5 Little Questions"

Judy Jarvie, author of "Nanny Behaving Badly" answers our "5 Little Questions":

1. "Nanny Behaving Badly" - great title! How did you choose it?
    Originally I'd called the book something much less catchy. It went through several rewrites and then - ping. Nanny Behaving Badly struck and stuck. I love the title and I think it really sums it up!

2. What changes - if any - do you think will happen to romance writing in the 21st century?
Tricky question - I'm loving the kindle and ipad revolution. I once said I wasn't that struck on ereaders - until I got one over a year ago. Instantly hooked and absolutely loving it. All my friends have them now - it's catching on. It can only get bigger and bigger! Here's hoping romance reading will grow and grow!

3.  So you've got a launch title out with Embrace. What's next on your agenda?
I'm busy writing away! I'm so so happy with Nanny Behaving Badly. Now I want to improve and up my game ... watch this space!

4. Any tips for newbie writers?
Keep at it - set backs happen and just push through (I was published by a small indie US publisher and then everything fell away). Happily I didn't stop the writing. It was tough at the time but I've never lost the passion. Keep writing and growing! Opportunities pop up - so keep upping your game so you're ready for them!

5. Who is your ideal hero?
I won't name names (though everyone knows I'm fixated with a few stars, Gerard Butler to name only one). I guess I like the whole alpha exterior, gruff and rough. But I'm a sucker for a beta guy at heart. I like a guy who can laugh, banter and seduce with his whispered words. I think alpha and beta traits can combine for a killer package - I guess I like my heroes grounded and realistic! They're tough, they take no nonsense - but get deeper and the soft centre makes me melt!

You can buy "Nanny Behaving Badly" on Amazon Kindle. 


  1. Just to say that my copy duly arrived in the early hours of the 14th and that I am loving the book (I am 30% of the way through -- no pages numbers on Kindle until I upgrade the software).

  2. Great answers, Judy! Love the title and cover as well. Smokin! :-)

    Bon x

  3. Wow - thanks pierre l - you made my day! Very excited blush!

    Thanks BL - can't wait to read yours! And I think your cover is pretty smokin' too! We are lucky indeed.


  4. Love the book, Judy. And great answers.



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