Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rachel Lyndhurst goes Greek with "5 Little Questions"

Rachel Lyndhurst, author of "Storm's Heart", gives us the lowdown on writing for Embrace with her "5 Little Questions".

How did you come up with 'Storm's Heart'?                                      
Some inspiration from a Tad Williams chapter heading and a bit of a pick ’n’ mix brainstorm with my editor, Jane Holland. You really don’t want to know its working title … *cringe*

          What do you think may happen to romance in the future?      
Romance writing isn’t going to disappear. Trends will shift and storylines will need to adapt to changes in society as they do now, but I think the biggest changes will come with new technology. Kindle sales are already exceeding paperbacks on Amazon, I believe, and it looks as if digital publishing is the future. As a result of this we can expect to see prices dropping and more books being sold as a consequence. So, watch out authors, you’re going to need to write faster!

So what's next?                                                             
I’m furiously bashing away at another contemporary romance, which I hope will be ready to submit soon, and there’s another one on the back-burner that I’ve started and am finding hard to leave alone. I’m also trying to stay focussed; there are so many projects I want to get stuck into, but not enough hours in the day!
Tips for newbies?  
Take constructive criticism gracefully, learn from it, apply what you’ve learned and never give up. Also remember that every writer feels scared and doubts themselves sometimes.

         Who is your dream hero?

         Well, apart from Him Indoors, obviously, it would have to be David Gandy. Always!


  1. Hi Rachel,

    Congrats on the release of STORM's HEART.

    And thanks for the newbie tips!

  2. Thank you, Nas and it's wonderful to see you here. I hope the tips are useful too.


  3. Congrats, on your new release, Rachel. Digital publishing is the future. Borders bankruptcy has shown that book stores have to keep up with the new technology or go under.

  4. Thanks, Maggi and you're right about keeping up with new technology. let's hope the libraries can do the same!


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