Monday, February 21, 2011

Do You Dig Digital?

No I’m not talking television – I know why I love my ereader. And it’s not just because it’s pink ... boy do I love it! It’s my own little special friend. I love having it tucked inside my handbag (great for waiting around at school run!)

I love the instant access of downloading. That I have a bevy of books to choose from. I’m chuffed by the increasingly great selection of ebooks now available too.

It also gives me great joy to tidy up my cyber book shelves – yes I am a collection-a-holic! I like having my cyber files in good order (OCD – maybe?)

So I just wondered what others think? Does the ereader or kindle get a special place in your heart and why? Are you newly addicted or hesitant to try? Keen for colour or happy with grayscale E-ink? Personally I'm happy with the length of battery time E-ink gives me - though gorgeous colour covers could tempt me to upgrade ...

So how does downloading grab you – better that trudging out in the rain to get that book you’re itching for?

I'm all ears. And incase your need some new e-reading - plug time - read more about Nanny Behaving Badly here!


  1. I just got me a kindle, and boy, am I in love with it. Its much nicer than I thought it would be, and it goes with me everywhere!

  2. Like a whole horde of other people - I was given an e-reader for Christmas and it has become my new best friend. It's great to be able to take a whole stack of books with me wherever I go.

  3. I'm perfectly happy with greyscale E-ink. I bought one of the Sony Readers that looks like a book. Mine's red, and the cover is burgundy leather. I'm just reading a book on it about how best to put together ePub books actually. Clean XHTML and all that. Seems a bit baffling. I threw a PDF at Calibre and it did a fine job, but I may need to rethink that now. Apparently, there is much sifting through code needed.

    Ebooks are wonderful. I wouldn't give up my e-reader for anything.

  4. Ooh, I dig my Sony ereader. It's brilliant and Him Indoors is delighted that there are less paperbacks teetering on windowsills etc. I suspect that's why he bought it for me ...

  5. Thanks to all for commenting! I'm so intrigued so thanks for sharing. Sounds like everyone is as enamoured as me.

    I was speaking to a pal yday who said oooh you can't beat a proper book surely and I was thinking 'actually, I thought that too - and you most definitely CAN! Try it and be hooked!'

    Rachel - that's my motivator too. To stop the house turning environmental health hazard book depository! Mine is also a Sony - though I have caressed a friend's kindle, I am not ready to forsake!

    Thanks again, Judy

  6. Love my kindle, Judy. I still buy my research books in hard cover. But for novels it's great, a little too tempting actually!


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