Monday, March 7, 2011

Maggi Andersen answers "5 Little Questions"

Maggi Andersen, author of the Regency romance, The Reluctant Marquess, answers "5 Little Questions" for the Embrace blog.

 1. How did you come up with the title, 'The Reluctant Marquess'? I have to thank Jane for coming up with my Title. I had chosen one neither of us was mad about. I wanted Marquess in the title and Jane thought of The Reluctant Marquess, which perfectly describes Lord Robert!
2. What do you think will happen to romance in the future? It will get the respect it deserves. There's some great romance writers  who should get equal billing with crime and other genres. Romance is getting hotter and I don't see that changing. Interesting sub genres like steampunk are popping up. Books will probably be shorter in length too, to suit e-books, with editors cutting words to make the pace faster. Which is fine as long as it doesn't obliterate the writer's voice and make us all sound the same. 
3. So what's next after 'The Reluctant Marquess'? I love writing Regencies, and plan to write some darker in tone, and more Victorian mysteries.
4. Any tips for newbie authors out there? Read widely and particularly in the genre in which you plan to write. And don't give up. I believe perseverance is the key to being published. It has been said it takes ten years to make a writer. It took years of hard work, submitting and getting rejections before I was offered a contract, but I don't regret those years. I learned a lot along the way.
5. Could I be a plotter rather than a panster? The answer to this is clearly no. If I try to plot in advance, my throat dries up and my creativity flies out the window. I have purchased expensive software which sits there making me feel guilty every time I look at it. Writing to me is like reading a book, I'm not sure where the story will take me and that's the pleasure of it. But with romance I always have a pretty fair idea of how it will end.
You can buy a copy of Maggi's delectable romance, 'The Reluctant Marquess', on Amazon Kindle here in the UK and here on the US site, where it is currently No. 58 in the Top 100 Kindle Regencies!


  1. I love reading these '5 questions' posts. :) I totally agree with Maggie about the future of romance! It's already the most popular genre - romance writers should be just as respected as authors of other genres!

  2. Hi Ranae, I've written crime stories as well as romance and in some ways writing romance is harder.


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