Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's Happening at Embrace?

In our first week, the Embrace Books blog has enjoyed almost a thousand hits. But we have less than twenty followers.

It would be great to bump that number. Please follow us if you don't already do so, and keep track of what's happening at Embrace. If you're one of our first followers, many thanks indeed!

The next few months will see some exciting developments at Embrace. Behind the scenes, we are considering possible backlist content, putting together an Embrace contract, looking at the pros and cons of various download formats, and discussing which features we'd like to see on our forthcoming website.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below. We are keen to involve readers and writers in the evolution of Embrace.

News-wise, we are already close to announcing our first ever acceptance - I'm sure no one wants to miss hearing about that first-hand!

Okay, you're hopping with excitement. So what do you do now?

There are several ways to keep up to date with the latest news from Embrace:
  1. Follow us with a Google account. Click on the top right-hand 'Follow' button
  2. Click on the link for our FREE monthly 'love' letter
  3. Pop Embrace Books into your blogroll
  4. Bookmark Embrace Books
  5. Click your Top Site button, if installed, when reading this blog
  6. Keep clicking back every few days to see what's happening


  1. Hi,

    Believe it Jane, number of "keen" followers will increase but it can be a slow process given a lot of visitors to blogs are just inquisitive and still, despite increase in e-book sales - a lot of aspiring romance writers' consider e-books to be the poor relation to that of paperbacks. Meaning kudos of their name on book on bookstore shelf greater than cyber bookstore shelf!

    A lot of people follow blogs/groups by way of e-mail messaging - and to be honest I've found this a messy way of following blogs/groups etc. E-mail inbox just gets overloaded and its easy to miss vital messages among general chit-chat!

    I follow blogs via my "dashboard" and can see in an instant posts that's are interesting or vital! And, and, my e-mail inbox remains neat and tidy and only important/private messages get into it. Rubbish is immediately given the spam tag and goes to the spam bin!

    Hang on in there, it's early days since news of Embrace hit the Internet.


  2. Hi Jane!

    Also keep in mind that anyone following on Google reader will not show up in your stats. The Literary Project has 72 official followers (after nine months) but thanks to some unofficial twitter polls, etc, it turns out I've got nearly double that - most of whom use google reader.

    Congrats on signing your first author :-)


  3. Thanks for the reassurance Francine and Gemma, though honestly, I know it will be a slow build-up. I'm just trying to nudge the numbers upward so we get a good readership for our first monthly newsletter, due out in August.

    Gemma, nothing's official yet. Shh. Emails still flying back and forth, these things are never overnight decisions.



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