Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Just starting to look at our first submissions this week. Almost the very first that arrived was from a very nice gentleman, whose email began 'Dear Editor, please find attached the first three chapters of my latest novel. It's not a romance, but ...'

What I'm discovering about editing romance is that it's not particularly different from any other kind of editing. Which is a relief, as I've plenty of experience at other kinds of editing. Editing romance, you get the same oddities in your inbox and the same delicious thrill running up your spine when you click on the attached document and look! ... it's something good, or something that promises to be good. It's something you know you want to say 'Yes' to.

Exciting times!

Please follow our blog and let other romance-minded people know who and where we are. This is Embrace and we're going to be gorgeous.


  1. Hi,

    Advertising being the key, I've adapted your Headliner Ad above and it's on display at my blog - in column with blogfest ads so will hopefully get noticed quite quickly!

    I'd gladly send you a novel, but as I got kicked from Angels of Romance group for being (supposedly)anti Mills & Boon, it would probably be a somewhat pointless exercise!

    Again, good luck with project.



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