Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Newsletter: Coming Soon!

The November Newsletter will be on its way out soon, with tons of exciting news from Embrace and the usual cluster of fun and interesting feature items, like tips on writing romance and our regular Love Letter feature.

Apologies to those who missed our earlier newsletters. We were thinking of changing the way the newsletter is presented, but in the end decided to keep the standard style for now.

Come our mega-launch in the New Year, a whole barrage of fabulous new Embrace features are due to appear, including a brand-new website, a chat forum, an email group for readers to meet writers - and a revamped newsletter that will launch along with our first 8-10 titles.

A busy time, then, in the run-up to Christmas. But so exciting!

Do look out for the November Newsletter, which should drop into your inboxes in the next ten days. So better put Embrace Books on your Not Spam list, just in case, and if you're not already a subscriber, the link to be added to our email list is in the right-hand sidebar here.

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