Saturday, October 23, 2010

BL Bonita Interviewed

BL Bonita's "Pathway to Paradise" from Noble Publishing

Our most recently acquired romance author at Embrace Books, multi-published Canadian author BL Bonita, has just been interviewed over at Happily Ever After Reviews.

Well done, BL, for a great interview! It was especially fascinating to hear all about your beautiful home in the Canadian wilderness, and how it has inspired so much of your writing.

If anyone has other news of Embrace authors out and about on the net, drop us a line and we'll post it up on the Embrace blog.


  1. Oh, cool! I just noticed this post now, Jane. Thank you! Yes, the wilderness is definitely inspiring. Although I love to shop in the city, the bush is my home. *g*

    I'm going to add some shameless plugging here and mention my next book, The Edge of The Woods, a romantic thriller will be released on or around Nov. 8th. This sexy thriller is based in the woods of Northern Alberta. More info can be read on my "Coming Soon" page on the website.




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