Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspiring Inspiration

I was looking for inspiration for a post and the lovely Rachel Lyndhurst pulled out her equally lovely dictionary so I’m going to do copy cat.

What more inspiration did I need than the word INSPIRATION?

Most of the time my main inspiration is music. Usually at key scenes I need to crank things up and the tunes come out (in MP3 and You Tube form). I probably end up with a trio of artists that help me along per book. I tried the photoboard montage thing (but frankly my craft skills are worse than my pre-schooler’s so that was the end of that). 

For Nanny Behaving Badly my inspirations were heaps of Scottish band Del Amitri, The Killers and some Nelly Furtado thrown in. In a nutshell the book idea came from a yearning to write about the city of Edinburgh in Winter (when I happen to think it’s at its best) with hot characters to ward off the December chill.

My inspirations were a newly launched coffee bar, Edinburgh in pre-Xmas sparkly mode with its festive Christmas market. An uptight Scots alpha entrepreneur hero, who needs urgent childcare as well as a good lesson in chilling out. And an in your face bouncy, gutsy new American barista who stirs things up with firecrackers to bring true dazzle to the season.

I had a blast writing it. I can only hope it’ll work for readers too (gulp!)

So in summary sometimes inspiration is a mosaic of elements inside you and you need to pull it all out and make it pretty (of course pretty is pretty darn hard to achieve and like the legend that is Fame it takes lots of sweat and effort as payment).

So without further ado here’s some INSPIRING POHM (pictures of hot men) as reward in lieu of reading this post.

There’s Alexis Papas...a long time favourite. Who wouldn’t drown in those eyes? Then Marios Lekkas. Sexy new boy on the block. And finally there’s Noah Wylie – Dr John Carter from ER who is the real inspiration picture behind Lyle Sutherland the terse and sometimes grumpy hot Coffee King in Nanny Behaving Badly.

Who would you pick to kick off wintertime sparks with? Which is your pick for sharing a latte, iced gingerbread...and maybe more?
Judy Jarvie is a new Embrace Books author. Her contemporary romance 'Nanny Behaving Badly' launches in early 2011. 


  1. Alexis!!

    Haven't 'used' him yet, do you think he'd mind? Will you lend him as a trade for David?

    Great post, Judy, and also a great help inspiration wise for the dreaded Author questionnaire I should be filling in instead of surfing the net and eating crisps.

    Am most impressed in your musical inspiration also. The Killers-always a winner, hope you know Brandon Flowers is on Jools Holland this week (new album too, squeee!!).Brandon would make a great hero too don't you think? A tad skinny perhaps and slightly potty but given enough gingerbread and lattes...sigh.

    Sorry to ramble on but Del Amitri as well! I watched them live at Uni when they were fairly new (showing my age!)and Justin thingy had a crew cut. Totally scrummy and I have ALL their albums.

    Great stuff, Judy, I've really enjoyed this post.

    Lots of love,


  2. Thanks Rachel. Of course you can share Alexis. It would be mean not to. Though Marios is all mine.

    Glad you enjoyed. And thanks also for the tip on Brandon (definitely hero inspiration) Flowers.

    Snap. Author sheets also on the go!

  3. Fab post, Judy. Looking forward to reading your novel as I live in Edinburgh and every winter experience the same pre-Christmas atmosphere. The chilly air filled with scents from the markets and pubs warmed by real log fires. I agree with you - I love it too!
    PS - It'd have to be Richard Armitage for me... ;-)

  4. Hi Cathie
    What a fabulous choice (you are clearly a hero connoisseur!) Richard would be perfect for warming up duty. You're a woman after my own heart.

    I'm secretly desperate for the festive season to start so I can go into the city and take loads of pics of the market and the Christmas tree on The Mound. Easily pleased, that's me! So glad you commented.

    Best wishes jx

  5. The Killers have been on a few of my writing playlists too.

  6. Oh Nell and Caroline, welcome and do take one of those fancy cakes from the stand while you're here.

    Yes. Am rather partial to Brandon and The Killers now. As Rachel said he's unique but very inspiring.

    Caroline, have you brought any cute Roman guys with you to try my fancies? Drizzled figs if preferable? You know I love your Romans...

  7. Oh lovely post, Judy! REALLY looking forward to reading your book, sounds lovely.

  8. Glad you dropped by, Sally! Can't wait to find out more about Bound To Love. jx

  9. Terrific post, Judy - and Noah Wylie, too.


  10. I would love to go to Edinburgh and reading your post has made me think that just before Christmas would be a great time to go. Inspiration and what sparks us to write stories is a fascinating thing. It's also one of the joys of writing - the fact that you can be walking along one day minding your own business and something flashes into your mind and catches fire. That moment, that spark of inspiration is true magic. Good luck with Embrace, it looks like a great place to be.


  11. Oooh beautiful inspiration, Judy.

    It's fab the misbehaving nanny is getting her story out to the world, so happy for you :-)

  12. Thanks Cara and Joanne!

    And now that it's feeling distinctly Autumnal (up here in the north). I'm getting in the mood for thinking towards that time of year again (Xmas shopping in Edinburgh). I know I said the c word's exciting too!

  13. It's spring in Australia. Bees buzz around the wisteria as I watch the fourth season of MAD MEN. John Hamm provides great inspiration for a hero. Handsome, complex, intelligent and graceful. What more can a girl want?

  14. Oooh I will have to look into John Hamm. I love fresh hero tips Maggi! jx


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