Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embrace Love Letter

The first ever Embrace Books newsletter has now gone out to subscribers. If it hasn't arrived, and you definitely subscribed, please check your spam boxes before emailing me. Thanks!

If it has arrived and you've read it, please do let me know what you think or make suggestions. We're probably going with a different design next month, so that's going to change. But content-wise, if there's something you'd like to see in the newsletter, please let me know.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here

This month, I commissioned C.L. Kerr, a NWS RNA member writing under a pen-name, to create our first Love Letter.

She came up with a wartime letter from 'Tom' to his 'darling Iris', written in September 1943. The letter was so poignant, I knew immediately it was the one to launch the section. You can also read it here.

Love Letters can be contemporary, historical or paranormal. They're unpaid, but an excellent way for new and developing writers to raise their profiles.

If you'd like to have a crack at writing one for a future newsletter, please keep it under 200 words and submit it to me as a Word doc. at jane @ embracebooks.co.uk


  1. Hi Jane,

    The Neswletter was succint: pics loaded okay no probs!

    Where was the "love letter" link - missed it. Will check again later.

    Good to see everything is going great guns.


  2. Hi Francine, glad you liked the newsletter. I thought it was too long, really. You click the MORE links for extra information under each story, or that's the theory!

    The Love Letter link is at the base of the newsletter, just above all the copyright stuff, and is labelled LOVE LETTER.

    But if you're skim-reading, I guess it doesn't jump out at you. There are also links for HOME, TIPS and SUBMIT alongside it, all leading back to the main website.

    Too much info to put in the newsletter, you see, so the links are like an extension ...

    Thanks for commenting. Jx

  3. Loved the "Love Letter". Anything WWII does it for me! Caroline x

  4. Thanks, Caroline. Maybe a homesick Roman soldier's letter home would suit you? There's a thought ...


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